It’s official.  The HMC-Sim 3.0 development branch has been merged into master for release.  The release includes a huge number of updates, bug fixes, improvements and new features.  Everything from visualization integration, SST simulation integration, better tracing support, higher fidelity simulations and a simple API.  For a list of all […]

HMC-Sim 3.0 Release

As a part of the ongoing HMC-Sim 3.0 development, we have added the ability for users to output power and thermal data as Tecplot files that can be subsequently imported into visualization tools such as VisIt.  We have posted an initial tutorial on building your own power and thermal visualizations […]

HMC-Sim Visualization Tutorial

The GC64 Team from Texas Tech and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory partnered to submit an Emerging Technologies proposal for the 2016 Supercomputing conference.  The submission, entitled OpenHPC System Architect: An Open Toolkit for Building High Performance SoC’s, features a demonstration of recent technology that was jointly developed at TTU and […]

GC64 Team and LBNL Selected for SC16 Emerging Tech

We were informed that both of our submissions to the 2nd Annual International Symposium on Memory Systems were accepted!  The first paper,Concurrent Dynamic Memory Coalescing on GoblinCore-64 Architecture, details work spearheaded by Mr. Xi Wang on performing parallel memory coalescing of non spatial or temporal memory requests for Hybrid Memory […]

Two Papers Accepted to MemSys 2016

After several months of active development, brainstorming and testing, we are releasing a Beta version of the HMCSim-2.0 simulation infrastructure.  The 2.0 Beta is much improved from the original Alpha update releases. Additional Features/Bug Fixes: Bug fixes to the CMC library resolution Bug fixes to the Gen2 HMC packet encoding/decoding […]

HMC-Sim 2.0: Beta Release

Following the recent requests and feedback from the HMCSim user community, we worked hard over the (balmy) Texas winter to bring quite a few new features to HMCSim.  We are now to the point where we are confident that the code and support is in an ALPHA state suitable for […]

HMC-Sim 2.0: Alpha Release

Thanks to everyone that came by the Emerging Technologies forum at SC15!  This was our first chance to expose a large audience to our ongoing research and development and it was a huge success!  We’re back to work already preparing the forthcoming papers and releases for the GC64 Dynamic Memory […]

SC15 Was a Success!

We have recently received a number of requests to port our HMC-Sim simulation framework forward to the HMC 2.0 specification.  We currently plan to port the code forward over the winter 2015-2016 break.  This should provide ample time to support the many changes to the specification.  We want to solicit […]

HMC-Sim 2.0: Call for Requirements

GoblinCore-64 was recently mentioned in an HPCWire article that featured the various projects associated with this year’s SC15 Emerging Technologies track. Four exhibits present future HPC-optimized SoCs. These include: advanced tools provided by the Co-Design for Exascale (CoDEx) project running on a cloud-based FPGA system (LBNL); GoblinCore-64: An Emerging, Open […]

GC64 Mentioned in HPCWire

The GoblinCore-64 project was officially accepted for the Supercomputing 2015 Emerging Technology track in Austin, Texas.  The GC64 team will present our latest advancements and architecture definitions in the Emerging Technologies forum and demo some GC64 hardware modules (live on FPGAs) in the Emerging Technology booth.  We may also be […]

GC64 Selected as Emerging Technology for SC15